You all know that saying ‘place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others?’

Well this is true in the life of a ‘Mummy’

Have you noticed days when you feel…..

  •  grouchy?
  • irritable?
  • you shout at the kids too easily?
  • you can’t be bothered to get the paints out as it will make too much mess and it’s too much effort for you?
  • you can’t be bothered to play with the kids at soft play as you’re too tired?


Well I am going to be honest and say I have had those days.  Luckily not that many.

I noticed that a pattern formed just before those times did make an appearance. And do you know what was happening just before?

I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t getting enough sleep.  I wasn’t eating right. I wasn’t drinking enough. I wasn’t doing the activities that made me happy. I wasn’t giving myself ME TIME.

Many don’t give themselves enough ‘me time’ for a number of reasons

  • they feel guilty- it would be selfish to leave the kids with Dad for 20 minutes whilst they take a walk? Instead look at it is this way…..Is it not more selfish of you that you shouted at your children because you had a low stress threshold that day?
  • they don’t have time- well dear ‘mummy friend’ I am here to tell you you do have time!
  • they don’t have enough finances to have me time

I totally get all those reasons as I too have felt them at some point.

But what I will now tell you is that they are all obstacles you have just made up and put infront of yourself.

Let me show you some simple ways of giving yourself  ‘me time’ with out having to pay money, pay with time, or pay with guilt

  • instead of tackling the dishes as soon as kids have gone to bed, try doing a quick five minute workout video to release some good feeling endorphins.
  • Find yourself a hobby that you can do after kids have gone to bed. Hobbies give you energy and motivation. Unsure of what hobbies you’d like to pick up? Then grab a piece of paper and brain dump any things you used to like to do or you have always wanted to do
  • put little one in buggy and just go for a walk. They will be entertained by looking at the surroundings and you will get some headspace ( plus the endorphins)
  • Before you go to bed, spend some time lying down and listening to some relaxed music. During this time think of all the good things happening around you.
  • Don’t be afraid to hide in the toilet for five minutes ( if you haven’t already)whilst the kids are watching tv and just breath!
  • Leave the kids with Dad for ten-20  minutes whilst you just do whatever it is you want to do! My kids love their ‘Daddy time’ when mummy goes upstairs to exercise/or go to the gym/or go meet a friend.
  • Always have something scheduled in your diary that will get you excited in the next 6 weeks
  • go food shopping and just ‘stroll’ after kids have gone to bed
  • Move…. drink water…. sleep…. get out…. see friends…..

Remember, to some people, you are the world. So make sure you take care of that world.


Laura x