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Success Stories

‘I couldn’t have done it without FitMuma’

‘I have been able to improve my physical fitness by the completing the video workouts at home normally once the kids are in bed and can fit them in as they are so short yet clearly effective.’


‘I would recommend FitMuma without hesitation’

‘Being part of the FitMuma community provides great motivation. Laura’s passion for exercise and helping others achieve their goals is obvious and infectious. 3 weeks into the programme, I can honestly say I feel way more motivated to exercise, more toned and generally healthier’


‘The class is simply amazing’

‘This class is amazing! Being a full time mammy to 20month old twins is hard. No time for my self and impossible to get to the gym or to an exercise class unless it’s after 7pm when all you wanna do is have your tea and put ur feet up for 5. Fitmuma allows me to take 60 minutes to exercise and make my self feel better ( I never knew exercise could de stress you and really make you feel alot better!) and at the same time your children are with you in the same room happily playing with other children or sleeping while being looked after by the nannies and helpers. Can’t fault it!! The Monday morning class is so welcoming and friendly and I really look forward to each and every week. Laura is fab and so easy to talk to. Thank you Laura!’


‘The BEST Mrs.Motivator around’

‘Laura has motivated me to achieve my goals, change my bad habits and negative attitude. I’m back to a healthy weight and fitness after having my baby girl and it’s only taken a few months! The best Mrs Motivator around! Thank you xxx’


‘I love being with all the other mums’

‘I started fitmuma back in February needing to lose about a stone for my wedding. I was so shocked after my first class….firstly I enjoyed it, had a laugh with the other mums and I totally worked my body. In fact I felt amazing. I was actually really nervous about starting as hadn’t exercised in a long time and felt very unfit, but Laura covers every fitness stage and no need to feel embarrassed. Last week I got married and I was half a pound under my target weight. To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. Laura is helpful, approachable, motivating and I love the classes and being with all the other mums. It’s affordable, fun and effective. Thanks Laura. Xxx’


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