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Personal Training

Laura will become your new best friend! Why? Because she wants to get you the results you want, just as much as you want the results yourself.

PT with Laura is for the Stay at home mums, the working mums, the young mums, the more mature mums, the single mums, the in a relationship mums, the busy mums, the new mums, the mums with older kids Mums, the foster Mums, ANY MUMS.

She’s also been shortlisted as Personal Trainer of the year!

Why make Laura YOUR own Coach and PT?

  • She will assess your goals, your habits, your obstacles, your mind in DETAIL
  • She will shape the programme to what YOU need and what WILL WORK FOR YOU
  • She will challenge you in a way that works for YOUR personality
  • She will be your friend outside of your PT session, as she knows that to get results you need as much contact time as possible
  • She will use a mix of tools to help you improve in all areas of exercise, sleep, hydration, food, mindfulness, planning and time management.

Laura can help you in all of the following

Getting you more confident about your shape and size by working you through a mixture of different training techniques learnt thorough being an International sports player, training thousands of ladies through her own Ladies Fitness Centres, continuously studying up to date information and being a Busy Mum herself.

  • Helping you build yourself back up after injury or illness
  • Getting you fit for a Fitness Goal or event, be it to run a race or get back to sport, or simply keep up with the race called “LIFE”
  • Get your mind and confidence better so that productivity at your work can be improved
  • Getting you to that next level of fitness and Body definition
  • Get your stress levels down so you can take on life’s challenges so much better
  • Get you back and focused on simply living a ‘healthy life’ by getting you moving more and eating better during your busy life
  • Weight-loss or Weight-gain
  • Increasing that energy, motivation and passion for life again
  • Recovering postnatally
  • By being your accountability buddy


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