Busy Mums Homeworkout Academy

Every tool you need to become a “fitmuma’ from home and as part of your routine. Not a fad or diet, its a new way of life for you.

‘Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of the family’

Busy Mums Homeworkout Academy is a monthly online program for busy mums with time efficient workouts lasting between 5 and 12 minutes.

They can be done Anywhere, at any time of the day, in your Pjs and with your kids at your side. Workouts are pelvic floor friendly with intensity option to go at your pace.

The secret to a fitter you is consistency and with our easy and short workouts there are no excuses.

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Now for the Best Part

Follow this and you will see results! And this is all yours for just £7 a month…no contract! How can you afford to be fitter, healthier, happier, less stressed, more motivated?

Do any of these and you are covered for a monthly group that WILL give you results

• Buy 3 less coffees out a month
• Buy 1 bottle of wine less a month
• Buy 1 takeaway less a month
• Buy 1 less chocolate bar or packet of crisps or cake a week
• Put 23 pence a day into a money jar


by | Jul 22, 2016 |

Laura has created this program knowing mums often complain that they don’t have time to exercise. You do not need an hour at the gym! It’s about doing exercise regularly and as part of your routine and positive habits. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Laura created this program so you don’t have obstacles like I ‘don’t have time’ ”I don’t have childcare’ I feel guilty for doing something for me.’

12 minutes a day is doable.

Laura is an international athlete and mum of two and mainly trains for no longer than 20 minutes at a go as she simply can’t find longer time slots. So if it’s worked to get her ‘ match fit’ it will work for you too.

This program will help you to achieve a healthier and happier body in a safe way and will save you time with quick workouts.

What does it include?

Access via a web platform to 3 brand new ( made that day) 5-12 minute long homeworkout videos which are fun and short with no equipment ( extra option for workouts with equipment) You just need internet!
Video library of more videos should you wish to do more than 3 workouts a week
Monthly learning topics by Founder and Guest speakers on everything you need to know to be a ‘fitmuma’
Education and tips about nutrition and fitness to help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle
Sample recipes
Sundays ‘7 steps to success’ A proven method to help keep you focused on reaching your goals
Mondays will set your ‘weekly challenge’
Tuesdays will be for weekly recipes
Wednesdays are for Motivation
Thursdays are check in days and Q AND A with fitmuma founder and guest speakers
Fridays are for ‘accountability’ checkins
Access to a Facebook group where you will get support from our online community and your coach of course. And where you can ask all your questions.
Buddy system
Bonus: stretch workout videos
Bonus: activating pelvic floor video
Bonus: back and hip release workout
Bonus: Videos explaining need for glute workouts

This program is for you if:

You think you are too busy to exercise
You don’t have time to go to the gym
You don’t know where to start
You have no hep with childcare
You can’t afford to exercise
You don’t want to feel guilty for leaving kids at home whilst you exercise
You dont know where to start
Everyone takes priority except you
You want to get fitter and stronger to have more energy and patience for mum roles
You want to look and feel confident and attractive
You want to have someone to be accountable too
You need people to motivate you
You need something that can fit in the nooks and crannies of life
You need someone to tell you what to do
You don’t want a fad diet and would like to learn how to make healthier choices for you and your family without following a fad diet

*Please note for anyone with an abdominal separation and/or pelvic floor issues or given birth non c-section ( within 6 weeks) or c-section (12 weeks) you must make yourself known so that the founder can advise you.