A workshop and hands on session specific for the pregnant Mum run by Hollistic Core Restore (R)
Coach Laura Warren and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Michelle Lewis.

There are so many benefits of exercise throughout pregnancy. However, it is important that you are
aware of exercises to avoid and the exercises that will benefit.

During this workshop we will give you a;
1) 30 minutes talk to include the dos and don’ts for exercise at the different trimesters, and the
pelvic floor and its role.
2) 30 minute exercise session with Laura so that you can go home with a bank of safe exercises
2) 30 minute Pregnancy Yoga session with Michelle so that you can go home with some
techniques for relaxation and pain relief.

Not only this but you will be joined to our network of Mums so that you can connect with us and ask
our specialist coaches any questions you have at any time.


new dates releasing soon


new dates releasing soon


new dates releasing soon

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