Join us for a Workshop on Pelvic Floor and Core Health for All Women

Hosted by:

Laura Warren – Female Fitness Specialist and Holistic Core Restore® Coach

Join us for an hour post kids bedtime where you will learn techniques to help connect with your pelvic floor and core muscles so that you can enhance your pelvic health.

During this relaxed session we will cover:

🔹Easy to understand pelvic muscle anatomy
🔹 How your breathing ,alignment and posture influences your pelvic floor, core and body in general
🔹How a healthy pelvic floor can help improve lower back pain and other niggles
🔹Why women leak urine and how to reduce this happening
🔹Why it’s important to know how to contract AND relax the pelvic floor
🔹Why just doing ‘kegels’ alone wont be the cure
🔹Strategies to reduce or prevent pelvic organ prolapse
🔹A PRACTICAL EXERCISE SESSION putting the above into practise .

This event is be ideal for ANY WOMAN but especially great if:
🔹You are a lady that runs or lifts weights or takes part in physical exercise
🔹You are pregnant
🔹Recovering from birth, whether recently or a long time ago and things still aren’t feeling ‘right’
🔹You experience incontinence or symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse
🔹You leak urine when you exercise, laugh, sneeze or cough, tire.
🔹You have a Diastasis Recti (separation of the tummy muscles)
🔹You simply want to learn what you can do to help your own pelvic health
🔹You are a woman!


Laura Warren, a Current International Sports Women with 15 plus years experience of working
within the Female Fitness Industry. Laura is also a certified Holistic Core Restore (R) Coach who
works with Women to restore their core and Pelvic Floor. Laura is a mum of two and runs pre and
postnatal fitness sessions as

Want To Get More Out Of Your Exercise? Or Exercising and want to get rid of the ‘mum tum’

But… at the same time

  • Leak
  • Have the urge to wee
  • Get hip or back pain ( infact pain anywhere else)
  • Feel heavy down below
  • Struggle to connect to you ‘core’ and your pelvic floor – (remember the pelvic floor IS part of the core)
  • Are always getting injured

Then this workshop could be a “Game Changer for you”
Join us so that we can help to prevent and manage signs of pelvic floor dysfunctions so that you can

  • Get back to running or exercising
  • Competing
  • Exercising without the pain and leaking
  • Getting better results from exercising
  • Help your postnatal recovery


in your front room! You will be sent a zoom link.





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