A Happy Mum, Makes A Happy Home.





Both ‘Fitmuma’ and ‘Pregnancy Birth and Beyond’ are excited to offer expectant mums a wonderful day retreat of knowledge, relaxation and friendship in the beautiful settings of the Vale Resort Hotel. This is going to be such a wonderful day for all expectant mums at all stages of pregnancy.

What is included

-Safe exercise session for all stages. Learn about safe exercise to do at home to allow you to feel better in mind and body. It has been shown that exercise can help the labour and your recovery post physically and mentally.
– Healthy eating throughout pregnanc
-Movement in 4th Trimester

-Pre Labour yoga and breathing to prepare for birth.
-Positions and Yoga to help baby into optional position for birth.
– what to expect when labour starts, how to manage each stage focus on normality using yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation/hypnotherapy.
– stages of labour
– pain relief including, TENS, water, massage etc
– how to feel in control/improve birth environment
– cascade of intervention, fear – tension – pain cycle.
– partners roll lots of practical advice including massage techniques, so they feel more involved.
– yoga and positions for during and between contactions,
– breathing techniques for each stage.
– handout for themselves and partner.

What else is included?

Lunch and beverage
A lovely relaxing treatment
A free photoshoot ( you can purchase photo separate)
friends and social support!

This is for you if:

You want to keep health in body and mind
You want to be prepared for the incredible gift of birth and labour.
You want to gain new friends and get support
You want a fun day where you can relax and just be you

Muma And Baby Retreats

This day retreat is for all ‘imperfect Mumas’ AND THEIR BABIES from birth to 16 months. You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to be dressed smart ( you can come covered in the normal baby food) and you don’t need to have a ‘quiet ‘ baby. The retreat is created for you time, as well as mum and baby bonding time. It is a time for you to be yourself and get a lot of support for everything a new Mum goes through.
We have a range of activities throughout the day that we know will benefit you and the baby.

You will leave knowing everything that covers wellness for Mum.

This includes

Exercise session on pelvic floor and postnatal exercise
How to improve your sleep ( what is sleep you say?)
How to food plan and prep to keep you healthy and energetic
How to hydrate ( on wine or water I hear you say?)
Relationships, mindset and bringing back out your inner confidence
Making you feel like “YOU” again

We will also show you tools to make you feel more confident as a Mum. These activities include

Baby first aid
Bonding with your baby through baby massage and Yoga
Preparing to go back to work ( optional)


a mini photoshoot of you and your baby ( images not included)
A 15 MINUTE relaxation treatment
Lunch, tea and coffee

All in all you will leave feeling invigorated, energetic, and a more confident Mummy. You will also leave with new tools, friends, support and a goodie bag!

This is for you if

You want to feel better
You want more energy
You want to cope with stress better
You want to feel more confident
You want to get your ‘oomph’ back
You want to feel supported
You want to meet other mums
You want a day to look forward too
You want to learn strategies to help with baby bonding and development
You want a plan to follow to keep fit and healthy

The day overall was so refreshing, meeting other mums who have the same concerns as yourself, all the activities were very relevant and helpful to myself. Everyone there was so helpful and welcoming! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would definitely recommend!

There was nothing I disliked, and the atmosphere was great! All sessions were relevant and enjoyable, also I loved that there was no pressure to make sure you were involved in all activities due to feeding/changing the little ones.

Mrs Fieldhouse

I really enjoyed the Fitmuma Retreat day – the day flew by! It was lovely to spend a day with my little one, learning some new skills, listening to the speakers and having photos taken and a little treatment. It was great having people around to help with the babies too! A thoroughly enjoyable day. I’d definitely be interested in other similar events.

Mrs David

Brilliant event Laura was amazing and so welcoming! Was nice to have a relaxed atmosphere and be pampered for the day! Amazing, thank you x

Mrs Young

I had a really enjoyable day. Having 2 children means I don’t often focus just on my baby, so it was great to do that. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the retreat, the speakers were so helpful during their talks and helping mums out during other speakers talks. I found the pelvic health session really interesting and the stylist surprisingly inspiring. I would never have thought to speak to a stylist but I definitely am thinking of contacting her now! Having a treatment and photo shoot was such a treat. I loved the day and would really Recomend it to mums, especially mums with more than one child as it just allows you to focus on the baby and the fact you’ve had a baby for a day!

Mrs Clarke



Do you need a class in your area? Would you like to book a class and find out more? Or, would you like to become a Fitmuma Instructor? I would love to hear from you!

Just complete the enquiry form to get in touch.


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Can I bring children along?

Each retreat is different, so Contact us to find out.

What should I wear?

We just want you to feel comfortable!

What do I need to bring?

Something to lie or sit your baby in. Maybe a bouncer or just a blanket? Any food or milk and other necessities your baby needs. Bring some water and any little snacks if you cannot wait till lunch!

Is it refundable?

No, but you can pass the space on to a friend.

Is there an upfront cost?

To guarantee your space payment is needed.