PT Monthly (3 Months Minimum)




Become one of our monthly direct Debit members and we guarantee that if you follow Laura’s guidance you will see some incredible results.

Not only will you be accountable to her, but that positive energy of hers will be put to work on creating that best version of you!

For just £50 a month you will receive

1 Personal Training sessions in the month in a location that fits with you!
1 Monthly goal setting session (measurements possible too)
Homework videos set  for you to complete or a workout plan for the gym
FREE access to the Fitmuma Hub (live Zoom classes and 130 plus 12-minute workout videos)
Food Support
Whatsapp contact anytime
hallenges sent to you sporadically to check that you are moving towards your goal

£50 Per Month (Minimum 3 Months)


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