Pelvic Floor Workshop for Runners



Love Running, Lifting Weights, Dancing or going to the gym?
But… at the same time
– have the urge to wee
– get hip or back pain ( infact pain anywhere else)
-feel heavy down below
-struggle to connect to you ‘core’ and your pelvic floor
( remember the pelvic floor IS part of the core)
-are always getting injured
Then this workshop could be a “Game Changer for you”
Join us so that we can help to prevent and manage signs of pelvic floor dysfunctions so that you can
_ get back to running or exercising
– exercising without the pain and leaking.
In the Workshop We will
– Help you to understand more about the anatomy of the pelvic floor and it’s role in regular day to day life along with the exercise or sport that you do .
-Help you to understand why and how a pelvic floor dysfunction can be the cause of your pain, leaking and injuries.
-Give you some simple pelvic floor downtraining tools to help overactive tight pelvic floor
– Send you home with a whole heap of strategies and tools for pelvic floor improvements.
-Show you how improvement in breathing and posture can help the pelvic floor dysfunctions.
– connect you with other females that enjoy exercise.
Laura Warren, a Current International Sports Women with 15 plus years experience of working within the Female Fitness Industry. Laura is also a certified Holistic Core Restore ( R) Coach who works with Women to restore their core and Pelvic Floor. Laura is a mum of two and runs pre and postnatal fitness sessions as
We Would love to see you on a workshop that we promise to be of use 🙂
WHERE : Mindset Functional Fitness Centre
TIME:      730-9PM
WHEN:    Friday 27th MARCH 2020


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