A Happy Mum, Makes A Happy Home.

Online Workouts

You can have access to Fitmuma wherever are you in the World!

Our facetime live, and on demand 5-12 minute workout videos will help you feel and look better. Made by a real mum, with no makeup and sometimes in her PJS and with the kids dangling off her!

  • 12 minutes means you CAN fit it in to your schedule
  • Complete in the morning to start your day off great
  • Do at night to destress!
  • New videos are made 3 times a week so you can’t get bored
  • Instructor will know you and adapt videos according
  • Can do with your children!
  • For all levels!

We have a number of programmes to choose from.  If you are a busy Mum then head to our Busy Mums Homeworkout academy by clicking Online Workouts and if you want a specific programme that includes a 21 day meal plan and homeoworkout video plan click HERE

Even the children are making their mums do the workouts!

And some husbands are joining in too!


The home workouts are short but uber effective. It’s amazing how sweaty you can get in 12 mins.

If you are considering it then just give it a try. You lose nothing, but you might just have a totally awesome time and get fitter than you thought was possible.

Louise Burton