New Muma Body Check

New Muma Body Check

This is a session designed to help you check in with how your postnatal recovery is going physically and mentally. It also means you have a contact and support moving forward through the recovery phases so that you never need to feel alone.

This bespoke Body Check includes a pre-screening form followed by a hands on whole body and mind assessment. Your well-being – both mind and body is essential for your recovery postpartum.


So, What Takes Place in This Session?

Before a session is arranged you will need to complete our detailed online Health and Pregnancy PreScreen, a session date will be arranged.

  • We will look into and then discuss everything linked with your pre pregnancy, the pregnancy, and the labour itself
  • We will talk openly about your goals and ideas linked with your health and body moving forward. We will educate you so that that you know what is expected of your body in the postpartum phase
  • We will do both a mix of verbal, hands-on and visual assessment to check for issues related to posture, breathing, the way you move, diastase recti and of course pelvic floor/core function

You will then receive a written plan with recommendations and referrals if needed, with the aim of giving you more confidence in your postnatal goals and recovery moving forward.

Single Session – £60



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