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The Body and Wellness Assessment

Regardless of how long ago you gave birth, you may still be dealing with body issues linked with the way you recovered. After my sons were born, I had no guidance with

  • Postpartum recovery
  • How to return to regular daily movement or exercise and sport
  • What signs to look for if I wasn’t healing as expected
  • How to stand/breath/move/perform pelvic floor exercises properly to allow for good recovery

You may still feel as if you look Pregnant with “Mummy tummy’. You may still leak and think it is normal? You may have had a prolapse and was told it will just sort itself out? You may have had Diastis recti and just told it will heal itself. You may not even know what a prolapse or diastase recti is? And you may not even know that that bad back of yours has been caused because of poor posture or core connection from the pregnancy

This assessment will help you understand where your body is and why it is the way it is. When you know all this you can then move forward confidently towards your health goals

So, What happens in this assessment?

  • We will talk through all previous pregnancies, labours, and postpartum recovery strategies used
  • Screen your health history along with the way you lead your life ( food, hydration, sleep, exercise, work)
  • Do a visual assessment of your posture, the way you breath and the way you move as this can affect your body in many ways
    Check for diastasis recti and other core functionality
  • You will then receive a written plan with tips, recommendations and referrals if needed, with the aim of giving you more confidence in your goals and recovery moving forward

And not forgetting you will have Laura as a new point of contact for any concerns and questions along your way

Single Session – £60



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