Who is Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy For?

Don’t be put off by the term “sports” as this massage isn’t just for the sports person. Sports Massage can help every single woman out there. It can help the inactive, to the injured, to the lady who just wants to feel better mentally or physically, to the lady who wants the aches to go away.

Massage with Laura can if you need help:

  • Reducing aches, pains and areas of tension
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Improving bad posture caused by our lifestyles
  • With mobility and flexibility
  • To Improve posture
  • Improving sports specific performance
  • Helping the body recover post pregnancy
  • Recovery after injury
  • To simply feel better

What is involved in a session with Laura?

Laura will use her experience in anatomy, movement and sports massage to create you a bespoke plan that will absolutely take into account YOUR goals and needs.

In the first session we will do;

  1. A deep pre-screen where we look into your health and exercise history alongside looking into the lifestyle you lead.
  2. A movement and postural assessment. Looking at your posture and the way you move can often tell us why you are feeling discomfort or lack of movement in certain areas of the body.

Laura will then use this information to design a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs to include

  • Massage to help us reach the goal we decide upon
  • Movement prescription where needed to strengthen areas of weakness that could be leading to issues that you have come to us with
  • A home treatment plan to compliment the treatment that you have received
  • Whatsapp contact between sessions to check the you are completing the work needed

Massage Packages

Initial Appointments (1 Hour and 30 Minutes)

  • Consultation
  • Movement and Postural Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Massage
  • Movement and Homework Plan

Book Now £50

Ongoing Appointments (1 Hour Session)

Book Now £40

Block booking option

  • Initial session plus 3 follow ups

Book Now £140

Massage Plus PT Session

Start with a 45 minute PT session with Laura and end with a sports massage! What a combination to help you feel energised yet relaxed all at once!

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