FITMUMA Sessions Available During COVID-19

Below are a list of all the options available to you during lockdown - Classes, Online, and One to Ones.

The Fitmuma Lockdowners (5 Week Class and Accountability Programme)

Whilst we cannot meet in person, we are doing our next five weeks live where you will have structure and accountability.

I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE YOU, that if you take part, you will feel a difference in your mood, energy and confidence.


We will give you Access to up to three ‘LIVE’ weekly 15-20 minute long workouts.

Mondays – 9:30am
Thursdays – 9:30am
Fridays – 9:30am

You will be sent a daily challenge that will only take a few minutes a day and can be done around the kids and your work.

You will be part of a watsap/facebook group that will be used to deliver reminders with the aim of keeping you upbeat, energetic and in control.

You will have access to over 50 plus workouts that you can do any time of the day.


You will have Laura to be accountable too as she will;

  • Ask for a goal for the week for you which will then be broken down into actionable tasks
  • Ask you to check in and review the week (live or if you can’t make the live time don’t panic as she will still check in)
  • From time to time will surprise you by popping up on your phone to say hello


  • Anyone near or far!
  • Anyone of any age with children of any age ( obviously we check your postpartum recovery first)
  • Anyone that wants to feel good and better and supported
  • Anyone that just needs some motivation
  • Anyone that is short on time
  • Anyone that is overwhelmed by the amount of exercise videos out there
  • Anyone that just needs some structure and needs to be told what to do
  • Anyone that needs some food guidance

We are only opening this to 20 people.

To book your place and to receive the fitmuma energy and motivation please Click Here

One to One Support

These are continuing as normal!

If pregnant and want help, to see the options Click Here

If you already have children, for more information on getting help with postpartum recovery or any pelvic floor related issues Click Here

If you simply want a regular one to one to get you fitter and feeling like the “YOU” that you want to feel like Click Here


For more information on ‘One to One’ option Click Here

For more information on ‘Class Option’ Click Here

Fitmuma Busy Mums Home Workout Academy

For those mums that just want access to our bank of workouts anytime and anywhere Click Here

Free Pregnancy Support Group

Fitmuma is still running all pregnancy sessions, to find out more Click Here

However, we are also running a free pregnancy advice group on Facebook.