About Fitmuma and Founder Laura Warren

Laura is 2018’s “Working MUM of the Year ‘ and has enough, energy, motivation and enthusiasm to pass on to every mum that comes into contact with her. She knows exactly what it is like to be a busy Mum. Laura has the wonderful roles of being mum to two young boys, running a number of businesses, and being an International Sports Woman. So she knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping healthy as part of your routine without eating into time.  She Magics time right to you! She knows all about the mental roller coaster of motherhood and is passionate about giving mums the tools to deal with the down days. Laura is also passionate about educating mums about their body post baby as she experienced the lack of help post pregnancy with regards to prolapse, diastis recti and pelvic floor recovery.

Laura is founder of fitmuma.uk and inspires mums to take care of themselves physically and mentally guilt free. Laura shows mums the ‘I can attitude’ and teaches that ‘taking care of themselves is part of taking care of the family.’


Exercise in Laura’s opinion, is the answer to everything! Through every single stage of her life, exercise and wellness played a huge part in getting her through life’s challenges. It allowed her to fly through the divorce of her parents and It combatted loneliness when her siblings left home at the same time .  It gave her confidence as a teenager so that she was able to deal well with all the struggles girls face. It gave her energy, and a productive and patient mind to deal with all the issues you face at work when dealing with people and stressful situations. It was what got her through a separation and the loneliness when her children are with their Father. And now, it gives her  ‘my space.’ A space to ‘chill her out’ if the day has been difficult and the children testing. It gives her something to focus on if things at home aren’t good. It gives her power and control back so that she feels like she can still be ‘herself’ and not just a Mum. It gives her a whole heap of energy to take the day on with pure joy so that she can be the big kid and get her kids moving when they are sluggish and need some ‘oomph’. It helped her feel supported by given her friendships, and life experiences that she wouldn’t have had if she had not had her exercise. This is why she feels sh MUST pass this gift  of exercise on to all the other mothers. As exercise can help at every stage of life!

Laura is an inspiring International sports loving, energetic self employed mother of 2 ( the beautiful Louis and Toby) who has a huge passion in showing other females the huge value exercise has in all areas their life. Laura shows that age or motherhood shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle and that you can still follow your dreams regardless of all life’s hurdles and that you do not have to follow what is meant to be the ‘norm’. She believes that exercise can be the answer to almost every problem someone faces, and this is why she aims to get as many people involved as possible! She shows that even the busiest of people can be the healthiest versions of themselves.

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Laura has represented Wales, not only as a Coach at an U19 World Cup, but also as a player in two sports, namely Lacrosse and Football. Laura has reached the highest level possible competing as a Female Athlete as she has not only played in an U19 World Cup but also 5 Major World Cups. Laura has been named on the “All World Team” on two consecutive occasions, and has won numerous MVP’s. Laura was a Fully paid Sport Scholar on the University of Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Team where she won an ACC Championship and reached the semi Finals of the prestigious NCAA Tournament. Most recently, Laura helped in lacrosse history by representing Great Britain at the 2017 and 2022 World Games. This is a stepping stone to helping lacrosse reach the Olympics.

Laura’s drive, passion, energy, determination, entrepreneurship flare and ‘Just do’ attitude has seen her recently pick up numerous awards. Laura won the ‘Pitman Working Mum of the Year 2018’ and was recently shortlisted for the South Wales Personal Trainer of the Year, Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year and the Class of the Year. Laura won numerous awards on Training Camps whilst With Curves and also won the Shining Star Club Award and “Smile’ Club of the Year. Laura has been contacted by numerous fitness professionals to share her work via podcasts, and was recently contacted by the BBC Wales Radio station for her input.


Laura has vast experience and knowledge in everything exercise and wellness related, for the unfit to the elite. She graduated as a Sports Scholar from the University of Maryland with a degree in Kinesiological Sciences, before moving on to complete a PGCE and NQT year in PE Teaching. Laura has many fitness qualifications ranging from a Level 3 Personal training and Pre and Postnatal Training certificate, to being trained on everything female fitness and core and pelvic health related as a CERTIFIED Holistic Core Restore Coach.

Laura has over 19 years experience of working in female fitness through Personal Training and owned 2 Ladies Fitness Centres of her own.  She uses all this knowledge and experience to inspire the ‘unfit’, or ‘exercise hater’  to the elite athlete by providing help through personal training, classes, workshops, retreats and online presence. She inspires every women around her through her leadership and motivation.

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Awards and Recognition

Laura was named 2018 ‘Working Mum Of The Year’ Pitman Training for 2018. Read the article here.

Laura has been recognised as a Super Achiever by Pitman Training for 2018. Read the article here


Shortlisted personal trainer of the year, Class of the year & Fitness entrepreneur of the year.