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Personal Training..

Laura will become your new best friend! Why? Because she wants to get you the results you want, just as much as you want the results yourself.

Why Make Laura YOUR own Coach and PT?

  • She will assess your goals, your habits, your obstacles, your mind in DETAIL.
  • She will shape the programme to what YOU need and what WILL WORK FOR YOU.
  • She will challenge you in a way that works for YOUR personality
  • She will be your friend outside of your PT session, as she knows that to get results you need as much contact time as possible
  • She will use a mix of tools to help you improve in all areas of exercise, sleep, hydration, food, mindfullness, planning and time management.

Laura can help you in all of the following

  • Aid in repairing of your body from Pregnancy regardless if early postnatal or 80 years postnatal. Laura is a HCR coach who is highly trained in repairing pelvic floor health and trauma caused from child bearing.. Check out HERE for information specific to the 6 week HCR Everywoman course she uses if your goal is repairing pelvic health.
  • Getting you more confident about your shape and size by working you through a mixture of different training techniques learnt thorough being an International sports player and training thousands of ladies through her own Ladies Fitness Centres.
  • Helping you build yourself back up after injury of illness
  • Getting you fit for a Fitness Goal or event, be it to run a race or get back to sport, or simply keep up with the race called “LIFE”
  • Get your mind and confidence better so that productivity at your work can be improved
  • Get you back and focused on simply living a ‘healthy life’ by getting you moving more and eating better during your busy life.
  • Weightloss or Weight gain
  • Increasing that energy, motivation and passion for life again.

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Hear from Laura’s Clients

After two children with 18 months between them I’d started to feel like I would never get my body/ fitness back. It was starting to affect my everyday life and energy in general.

After 8 months of futmuma classes and 4 weeks so far of personal training with Laura; I’m starting to feel like myself again. Loving the new energy and loving the group ethic that we’re all in this together!

@Laura Rhian Warren is a specialist in women’s post natal fitness and has adapted her program to meet my individual needs. The sessions are challenging but I leave feeling reenergised and ready to tackle the kids again lol 😂👌👍🏻xx


‘FitmumaPT is great. Each session is fun, varied and best of all pushes me to my limits. Exactly what I was looking for 2 years after having my last baby and things had got a little saggy. Not any more!’


I’ve started PT with Fitmuma as I feel just so unfit after 2 children. For me, PT means I can work on my fitness at home, as I didn’t feel comfortable igoing to a group class. So I’m being pushed with personalised exercises. This is great to build my confidence and fitness up so that I can start classes. Fitmuma is also taking into consideration some pain issues I’m having and so the personalisation for me is great. I’m now pushing myself day to day, to move more and feel encouraged by Fitmuma about how to fit exercise into my day with and around my 2 children.

Fitmuma is so positive and understanding. She’s pushed and supported me in our sessions to exercise in a way that will help build my core as well as improve my fitness. Importantly for me I feel encouraged and not judged in our sessions. She is also great with my baby and preschooler who enjoy the sessions too!










Interested in finding out more?

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You need some help from Laura ( me) but not sure which type of help would best suit you? Or you simply have a question you would like answered? Then just drop me a message 🙂

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Where will they take place?

It depends on the client. This is decided on initial contact. Your house? My house? Out and about? Online. We pick what fits with you

Can my child be with me?

Ofcourse! Where possible you may feel more relaxed with no little one around, but Laura is brilliant with kids and does a lot of the sessions with the babies and toddlers and older children there. And the children love it! It also demonstrates that you can workout at home! So never let childcare be an issue 🙂